Fursuit Commission Prices

Please note that these prices serve as estimates and not actual quotes. Prices are subject to change based on character complexity, material availability, and more. Check my social media pages to see if I am open for commissions!

Head: $1000+

      All heads include 2D eyes, removable velcro eyelids, and are lined with neoprene fabric. They fit heads up to 25" and can fit glasses.

Worm on a String Partial: $600+

Single color, include a head, handpaws, and tail.

Flat Handpaws: $150+

Non padded four finger paws, no claws, unlined.

Puffy Handpaws: $200+

Removable pillow inserts in each finger to give puffy look, with or without claws, unlined.

Five-finger Handpaws: $200+

Slimmer than regular handpaws and more hand-like, with or without claws, unlined.

Arm Sleeves: $100+

Fur sleeves for partial suits that go up to armpit, unlined.

Tail: $50+

Price varies a lot based on tail size and design.

Plantigrade Bodysuit: $1000+

Bodysuit without leg padding, includes feet.

Digitigrade Bodysuit: $1400+

Bodysuit with leg padding, includes feet.

Feetpaws: $200+

Stuffed feetpaws similar to slippers. Bottoms are black EVA foam.

Indoor Feetpaws Upgrade: + $100

Sewn bottom of feetpaws with paw pads instead of black foam. Includes protective sandals.